February 3rd 2011…Day 3…My first training session…

Session Time: 20 mins

Distance Covered: 1.6 miles

So having had a day for the reality to sink in (which I hasten to add, it has not!) I really wanted to get out there and do something to feel like the first steps had been taken.  So I put on my trainers, grabbed my ipod and hit the streets.

I was out for 20 minutes – I know I’m coming from a standing start (literally!) and I want to build up gradually, rather than my usual throw myself in, workout round the clock and then spend the next month recovering kind of approach!

So.  Learnings from today.  Here we go:

  1. I’ve decided that training sessions sounds boring and very much like hard work.  Therefore I’ve made the decision to re-name them to party sessions…I already feel more up for getting out and running!! 🙂
  2. My trainers are already rubbing my feet.
  3. The immediate need for an industrial strength sports bra is apparent.
  4. It is necessary to charge the ipod before heading out…they struggle to play music without power.
  5. Other people aren’t necessarily enjoying their 7am morning start as much as I am.  My enthusiasm, dancing and general happy demeanor will get me funny looks.  Chosen course of action – enjoy their confusion and just carry on.
  6. Having a heart rate monitor is a great idea…providing you know how to operate it.
  7. The right music is a MUST – playlist forming will be essential going forward.
  8. Reward Reward Reward!! Completing this session I was absolutely bouncing off the walls with energy – have decided to finish each session with a celebratory “Happy Dance” to congratulate myself on the next step towards the marathon being completed!

So, I already have blisters on the back of my ankles, I had no music, and had pretty much every person I saw give me the “are you crazy, do I need to call the men in white coats?” look – but I loved it.

More importantly this was the point at which I made two really important decisions:

  1. To write this blog, share my experiences along the way and get the support from all the fabulous people out there who will be on this journey with me, in spirit if not in body.
  2. To make this process as FUN and enjoyable as it can be. I’m not running because I have to, I’m running because I CAN! 🙂  I want to find as many, silly, funny and down right daft ways to make this next few months as much fun as is possible.

So Happy Dance Danced, the next step is definitely to get some supplies (the rather amusing conversation this morning that started “just wear a sweatshirt”…”er…I don’t OWN a sweatshirt” prompted me to realise I really need to get the right gear to help me on the way!)

…and let’s face it…I never could turn down the excuse for a shopping trip…especially one involving new shoes… ;o)

About Claire Brummell, The Relationist

Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Specialist, founder and creator of Feminine 1st and Love, Polarity & Passion
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7 Responses to February 3rd 2011…Day 3…My first training session…

  1. James Barton says:

    If you’re having blistering or chafing problems, try using two-ply socks. These almost completely eliminated the problem for me. You should be able to find them in running shops without any problems.

    You mentioned that the backs of your ankles are blistered: if the shoes are catching your achilles tendon, you need to get them changed! You can’t afford to weaken or wear down this tendon!

    Good luck, and enjoy 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice James – I took the “changing the shoes option” – went shopping on Saturday for new supplies, hopefully the post will be up tonight about that!

      I got some of the 2 ply socks so hopefully with these and my new shoes I’ll be on the right track!!

      Any and all tips are much appreciated – so thanks for the help!! x

  2. Cathie Heart says:

    Hi, I saw this and thought of you 😉 Barefoot Running: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jio7DK15Q1E

    I started the couch to 5k running program (free) which helped me start running and I’m inspired by you and going to try again. I have barefoot running shoes which I found really helped me. I no longer had trouble with stitches so much, aching knees or ankles after I got into the grove of barefoot running.

    I won’t say anything further to influence you but just thought I’d present the option of looking at barefoot running while you are at the beginning of starting to train and party session your way through a marathon.

    Love the prior tip, two ply socks are a big help. So is vaseline for areas that chafe!

    • Thanks lovely – will definitely check it out, though having just bought some new running shoes I’ll probably stick with those for now! 🙂

      Thanks for the advice though, much appreciated! xx

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