February 9th 2011…Party Session 2….Once upon a time I knew how to breathe…

Session Time: 35 mins
Distance Covered: 2.7 miles

Total Time: 1 Hour 35 mins
Total Distance Covered: 6.8 miles

The music is back. Woo hoo!

There really isn’t anything that keeps a smile on my face more when being out on my party sessions more than my music mix. I mean, let’s face it, a party with no music would be pretty pants.

So this is the session that I’m reliably informed will be one of my hardest…and it was, to begin with…

After my first jog (past the bus stop to the end of the road this time – check me out!), the overenthusiastic Labrador pants (breathing in and out rapidly, no puppy boxer shorts here) were in full flow.

I’m sure at one point in my life I had known how to breathe, right? You open your mouth and the air stuff goes in, only to pop back out a moment later significantly less oxygen-y? It’s not like it’s hard is it?

I’d been advised by my training buddy to try breathing in for 3 paces, then out for 5 or in for 4 and out for 6…just to find what worked for me…and it worked pretty well for a while. The only draw back was when I got a little lightheaded my ability to count to 6 was seriously inhibited. So this was the point that I realised that the key to this was really to listen to the important part of what he said – to find what worked for me.

So I decided that in between each of my longer, more controlled breaths I would add a little one, so that my lungs didn’t feel like the air they were so desperately craving was being sucked in through a straw with a hole the size of a pinhead.  And what do you know?  Breakthrough!  I can breathe again! Woo hoo!  It mean I might have sounded like a mobile episode of Thomas the Tank Engine with the long breaths in, long breaths out, and an additional puff or two here or there for good measure – but who cares?! 🙂

I’m sure as my body gets used to it, I’ll be able to regulate my breathing a bit better and get it more controlled, but for the moment it’s working and that’s all that matters.

Tip number 2 from my training buddy was to encourage me to run with my knees.  Cue quizzical face and frantic thought process trying to work out how it would be possible to run without them.

The good news is that it was actually very helpful advice – with further clarification I was able to work out that “running with my knees” actually translated to “pick your knees up more when you run”.

The bad news is that the translation left me with the song “Knees up mother brown” on repeat in my head for the rest of the day, which prompted me to check online whether it ranked in the top ten most annoying songs of all time.

It didn’t.  It should have.  But the advice was worth it…just.

(for those of you who want to know…here is the list: http://www.popten.net/2009/05/top-ten-catchiest-most-annoying-songs-that-burrow-into-your-brains-and-make-you-want-to-die/, sorry Mum, it’s a small world IS on there)

So, back to the run.

About half way around I had a real breakthrough moment.  I’m out in the fresh air, running.  In that moment I had this realisation of just how many people there must be out there who would give anything to be able to do what I’m doing right now, but for what ever reason they can’t.

Total state change.

So, with renewed vigour I cranked up my iPod tunes, and with a big smile on my face, my training buddy beside me and Tony and Joe alongside, I picked up the pace a bit.

Just a bit.  But enough.

During the last straight home I had a couple of sprints of energy (combined with fantastic iPod tracks) which really spurred me on (and one little sprint which felt amazing, albeit brief!)  I was beaming from ear to ear, half running, half jogging, half dancing, and of course, half lolloping all the way home.

I was so pleased with myself when I got home (0.2 miles further and 5 mins shorter) that I nearly forgot my happy dance!

So delayed happy dance done, another 2.7 miles closer to my goal I’d just like to take a brief moment to thank those of you who have been so kind to take the time to offer advice, help and support from wherever you are in the world on my little journey.

Special mentions go out to Christina for her foam roller advice, Jon for his help with breathing and training suggestions, Victor for his wise words, Stuart for his sarcasm and finally to my Grandma who was responsible for the call which made my evening tonight – I was delighted to hear that you are following my progress on here…and don’t worry, I guarantee that you weren’t the only one to have a giggle when I first mentioned my plans – myself included!!

Love to you all.

One step closer.


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Founder and creator of The Universal Needs transformational methodology
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