February 11th 2011…Breakthrough.

Session Time: 1 hour 5 minutes
Distance Covered: 4.8 miles

Total Time: 2 Hours 40 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 11.6 miles

Well I never.

Who’d have thunk it?


It’s been an interesting day…

Having set out for the third party session this week (with my new and improved party session playlist on the iPod) we discovered it was raining.


Or so I thought…

Actually as it goes I quite enjoyed running in the rain (yes I always was a little odd), it was really refreshing and it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

So we jogged on (this time beyond the end of the road, round the corner to one of the lamp posts – woo hoo!), me still trying desperately hard to control my breathing…3 in, 5 out, 3 in, 3 out, 4 in, 4 out, 1 quick one…all sorts of combinations trying to get it right. But even with concentrating on breathing with my stomach and not by raising my chest and shoulders (there was I thinking that lungs were involved…silly me!) I was still struggling and the panting Labrador returned. At this point my training buddy pointed out that if I relaxed about it my body would probably sort itself out and get it straight and that maybe I was over thinking it.

Over thinking things?!


The very notion is preposterous….ish.

I genuinely thought that I was relaxing, and cue my response about asthma, breathing difficulties blah blah blah.

So we carried on (having a debate along the way as to whether making our training session longer had been relating to time or distance…mental note: must not assume that people can read my mind!) a little more jogging, a little more walking….but still not quite clicking on the breathing front.

I thought about his suggestion (not that I was over thinking it or anything, you understand) and had a bit of a realisation. Right from the start I believed that breathing would be a struggle for me on this path…and low and behold…it had been. Maybe I was struggling with my breathing, because I was so worried about it causing problems, that it was making me tense…and causing the very problems I was worried about (no, definitely not over thinking…honest). After all, my belief was that I would need to work to control my breathing in order for it to be more regular and even….but my body has been doing this breathing thing for over 30 years…it might actually know what it’s doing.

So I gave it a go…I mean completely let go. And what do you know? It felt easy. It felt natural. It just seemed to work.

I mean, I was still running down a road, so a little breathlessness is to be expected. I still adopted my fashionable red/pink glow but the Labrador was more “run from the living room to the kitchen when the dog food tin was opened” and less “run from a heard of zombies for 30 miles to stop them from eating me”…progress I think!

So learnings from today:
1. Belief can create a self fulfilling prophecy…if you believe something will go a certain way chances are you might end up doing something to create the result you expect – whether that be a good result or a bright red panting dog one. Major lesson to remember.
2. Reminder to myself that I know pretty much nothing about this whole running thing (contrary to popular belief…I don’t actually know everything! I know, I was shocked too when this came to light) and so when someone who does know something about it makes a suggestion to make life easier for me…rule of thumb is to give it a go first and ask questions or debate (read “over think”) later. Chances are that they’re right, which will make this whole thing a lot easier (plus it saves me having to admit later that they were right and I was wrong!) 🙂

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my training buddy for his support, patience and for not saying “TOLD YOU SO” on the regular occasions where it would have been totally justified! Thank you, this journey is so much more fun and enjoyable with you for company along the way.

Nearly forgot the happy dance again (unforgivable!) so will make this part of the cool down stretch routine in order to ensure maximum self-congratulations…especially when the session has been as much success as today’s was.

Another step closer.


About Claire Brummell

Founder and creator of The Universal Needs transformational methodology
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4 Responses to February 11th 2011…Breakthrough.

  1. Cathie Heart says:

    Whoooo, you’re doing great. Already able to run almost half a marathon in a decent amount of time. That’s too too cool.

    Ps. What is the difference between Session Time and Total Time? Just a lil confused over that!

    • Thanks hon! 🙂

      Session time is my time for this one session, Total distance / time is the total amount of training to date 🙂

      • Cathie Heart says:

        Ahhh this makes a little more sense, I was thinking I was puffing out too fast. I’m barely matching you .. or not matching you at all yet but soon after my family leave this weeks stay with me.

        Still good times for distance run .. you’ve given me a little more hope I can possible do a half or full marathon sometime this year .. we’ll see 😉

        Enjoy your next party sessions and I’m gonna steal some of your music when I see you next lol

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