March 16th 2011….The Rather Odd Package…

Session Time: 31 minutes
Distance Covered: 3.0 miles

Total Time: 8 Hours 45 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 44.1 miles

Today I received a very odd package.

One that I wasn’t expecting.

…and one that at first glance I thought had been sent to the wrong person.

I opened up the envelope, and there it was, clear as day.

An orange spatula.


You heard me right.

An orange spatula.

The Orange Spatula - Side 1

The Orange Spatula - Side 2

Now, being in marketing, I thought this might be some unusual marketing ploy from a local kitchen supply company, or a new design of fly swatter being advertised…but I was wrong.

Contained in the package was a note “Marathon Training Device (hope you’ve seen the film or this will be a bit weird!)”…and written on the spatula was another message: “I am the assistant coach…I have the spatula….Run Fat Boy Run. Good Luck” signed from my Uncle and Aunt.

Well…I’ll be honest…I hadn’t seen the film, and so yes, this did seem a bit weird.

Well, it actually seemed a lot weird.

But as I was down one training buddy today and running in an entirely new location I didn’t have time to figure it out before hitting the streets for my run….I would have to come back to this later.

You see, today I was down in Kent visiting family which meant:
1) Distinct lack of training buddy as he was still in Surrey.
2) Completely new party session location…and no idea what route would roughly equate to my usual party session.
3) On a foggy morning I was minus my very pink running jacket (as I had forgotten to pack it the night before).

But did this stop me?


I had a strategy:

Substitute Training Buddy - Bubba

1) Substitute training buddy Bubba (my New York travelling buddy) attached to my arm for party session support.
2) Decision to just run until I feel about as pooped as I normally do…theorising that this would therefore roughly equate to a normal party session (is there any such thing with me?!)
3) As red nose day (all non-UK readers…see here for explanation of red nose day: ) is imminent, I sported a gorgeous Eric Morcambe and Ernie Wise red nose T-Shirt over my traditional running gear (who needs a running jacket anyway? 😉 )

So with Tony, Joe, Christina, Sam AND Bubba in tow, we hit the road.

I had a sort of idea in my head of the route that I might run, but half way through my initial jogging stint I actually realised that the route I had in mind wasn’t long enough…so I added a bit of an extension.

Today, I didn’t run TO the pub on my first stint…I actually ran PAST it!! (Will wonders never cease?!)

Even better, my first stint was 1.1 miles – and without training buddy there to cheer me on (Bubba is a good substitute, but he’s not the best conversationalist) I was pretty happy!

So having worked this out, I though it would be interesting to see how much of my 3 mile journey today I walked, and how much I ran.

(All distances are obviously approximate and courtesy of googlemaps – without which tracking my progress would be significantly harder!!)

Stint 1 – Lolloped – 1.1 miles
Stint 2 – Walked – 0.2 miles
Stint 3 – Lolloped – 0.6 miles
Stint 4 – Walked – 0.1 miles
Stint 5 – Lolloped – 0.2 miles (uphill)
Stint 6 – Walked – 0.1 miles
Stint 7 – Lolloped – 0.3 miles (uphill)
Stint 8 – Walked – 374 ft (according to googlemaps)
Sting 9 – Lolloped – 0.3 miles (up and down hill!)

So total walking for today: 0.5 miles
Total lolloping for today: 2.5 miles

So, with a few short walking stints (which are getting smaller and smaller) I lolloped 2.5 miles today – woo hoo!

Sidebar – Shout out to Stuart the very friendly lollipop man who did his bit to guide me safely across the road (admittedly in the absence of any cars – but hey, I felt it was only right to let him do the honours!) who wished me a lovely day when I introduced myself to him while lolloping across the road.

Most importantly Bubba and I made it back in one piece, and with some major progress to be celebrated….and so happy dance we did.

Sidebar – It has to be noted here that we performed two happy dances on our route this morning, but for some reason everyone was very focused on me (!) I think Bubba needs to work on his happy dancing moves, they’re clearly not making a big enough impression on the surrounding spectators….(and no, being only 3 inches tall is no excuse!)

But my mission for the day was not over.

It was time to solve the mystery of the orange spatula…

I managed to dig out a copy of “Run Fat Boy Run”…and all became clear.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film, this clip shows the relevant part at around 05:18 –

And for those without access to YouTube the basic premise of the film is this – a guy (Dennis) who has no sporting ability whatsoever has decided that he’s going to run the marathon to try and get his ex-girlfriend back…and has two buddies who are ‘helping’ to coach him.

The conversation goes something like this:
Dennis (to buddy 1): “So you’re going to be my coach?”
Buddy 1: “That’s right”
Dennis (to buddy 2): “Why are you here?”
Buddy 2: “I am the assistant coach”
Dennis: “Why do you get to be assistant coach?”
Buddy 2: “Because I have the spatula” (promptly wallops him on the bum with said spatula)
Dennis: “OW!”
Buddy 1: “Go on, get running”
Dennis: “Isn’t there some sort of special technique?”
Buddy 1: “Yeah, you put one foot in front of the other over and over again really fast”
(Buddy 2 laughs)
Dennis (to buddy 2): “Why are you here again?”
Buddy 2 wallops him on the bum with the spatula again and says “Motivation!”

It all becomes clear.

I love it 😀

So thanks go out to Chris and Hilary for the motivation – it is very much appreciated! (…and for the prompt to watch the film…which was very enjoyable given my current goal!)

…and a spatula to the bum might be unorthodox, but I’m willing to try anything! 😉

This is a great point to say how much I would like to send genuine thanks out to everyone who is showing their support in a variety of different ways – especially those that are a little obscure and that make me smile…it makes this road a little easier and a lot more fun!

The hints and tips are fab (thanks go out to Mel (via Jon) for the hot cross bun refuelling tip – that went down especially well!), and even just those of you who are reading and/or commenting on this blog makes me feel like I’ve got a whole lot more people in my virtual party session team than I first thought – I’m going to need to find a place with bigger roads at this rate…!

Another (slightly weird, but very funny) step closer x


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