March 28th 2011…Location, Location, Location…

Session Time: 25 minutes
Distance Covered: 2.2 miles

Total Time: 9 Hours 10 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 46.3 miles

Well life has been a little bit interesting over the last couple of weeks….as you can see from the blog it’s been nearly two weeks since the last party session and in that space of time for personal reasons training buddy and I have temporarily relocated to the wilds of Kent.

The good news is that this means that we have a whole new set of party session routes to try out – woo hoo!

The bad news is that being in the area of the country known as “The Garden of England” at the start of hayfever season as the blossoms are coming out makes party sessions even more interesting.

Making a stop at the local pharmacy before heading out would be essential.


Eye drops….check.

Extra large box of tissues…check.

Pollen, do your worst….I was ready to rock.

So training and I bounded out of bed, kitted up and hit the road.

Having had a break from the sessions it has to be said that it was a bit of a shock to the system, and I didn’t reach my usual mile before having to slow down.

The panting Labrador returned.

The legs were on fire…and not in the good way.

However, it has to be said that the wilds of Kent definitely has much more to offer party sessions peeps than the mean streets of Surrey.

Today we headed up to a little village about a mile away from the starting blocks (passing some slightly bewildered horses on the way…I don’t think they see a lot of lolloping around these parts), crossed a recreational park, through a nature reserve (with some beautiful blossoming trees….managing to suppress a couple of sneezes as we went), past an old school of mine, through a residential estate, back past the bewildered horses and on to the home stretch.

And it has to be said that as a lolloper (I’ve not yet promoted myself to “runner” status) having somewhere that looks nice to run through (not that surrey doesn’t have it’s moments) really does make a difference.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that everyone that we passed this morning smiled and said hello in some way…which is definitely not something we’ve experienced up to now…long may it continue! 🙂

(Mental note: Must adjust route at some point to pay another visit to Stuart the friendly lollipop man…the first of my uber-friendly Kentish party session people)

So we were a little slower than usual, and we did have several walking stints, but after a bit of a break it has to be said that it was a pretty good run (slash lollop).

More importantly it felt really good to be back out there and partying away…

Another step closer x

About Claire Brummell

Founder and creator of The Universal Needs transformational methodology
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