April 6th 2011…The Incident and the Swimming Pool

Session Time: 20 minutes
Distance Covered: 2 miles

Total Time: 9 Hours 55 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 50.5 miles

So still riding high on the discovery of the dance jog I was all set to try it out again on today’s party session.

Training buddy and I bounced (sort of!) out of bed, grabbed the Kent running supplies and hit the streets.

And off we jogged.

Up the alleyway to the main road.

Along past the horses.

To the end of the very long road…and around the corner.

Across the recreational park.

All the way to the Nature reserve.

Things were going well.

The panting Labrador was under control.

The sun was shining and I was looking forward to a great session.

And then it happened.

The minor blip in my plans.

Just as we reached the nature reserve…I received the call of nature.

Uh oh.

So at the farthest point from home on our little party session route I’m in the middle of a nature reserve in need of some…rather urgent relief.

Training buddy very helpfully offers for me to use the bushes…but being a girl, I’m really not equipped – and I don’t fancy pulling a Paula Radcliffe…it’s just not my style.

So emergency decision is made to cut the session short and head for home…but we’re still a good 10 minutes away.

The good thing about training in an area that you grew up as a kid is that you at least know all of the little short cuts…something that I was EXTREMELY grateful for today!!

The other good thing about the…er…predicament that I was in, was that I had no trouble whatsoever maintaining pace on the way back…not even a little bit.

Side bar…thanks go out to training buddy for the amusing “I can’t wait to see how you’re going to explain THIS in your blog” comment…but for future reference don’t make someone laugh who is in desperate need of a bathroom…it does nothing to help the problem.

And after a rather uncomfortable 10 minute jog back…there it was…the oasis called home…I made it…hoorah!


As many of you may know the reason for my relocation back to the wilds of Kent is to assist with the recovery of my Dad…who has recently had hip replacement surgery.

Unfortunately at the point at which I reached our front door…my Mum (AKA “person who can get to the front door in a hurry to open it”) was in the back garden hanging up some washing…and as we knew there would be someone home when we got back we hadn’t taken keys.


We rang the doorbell.


We rang the doorbell again.

Still nothing.


I start pounding on the doorbell like a small child discovering a push-button for the very first time…all the while hopping about like a baby kangaroo.

(Needless to say our neighbours are finding my return to the family home most entertaining)

After the longest few minutes of my life my Dad finally manages to get to himself the front door along with a chorus of “Alright, Alright, I’m coming!” and I do an impressive leap over the crutches in an attempt to get to the bathroom without knocking him to the floor and making the need for his second hip replacement a little more imminent.


Today’s was a VERY happy dance.

So…as our training session was cut a little short (and as I thought it would be an idea to extend the party sessions to other forms of activity at some point!) I decided to hit the swimming pool for the first time in a VERY long time this evening.

And although it was rather exhausting (and involved the discovery of muscles I didn’t even know existed!) I managed to do 20 minutes solid of laps before rewarding myself with a stint in the hydrotherapy pool and the steam room.

This training business is hard work… but somebody’s got to do it… ;o)

Another step closer x

About Claire Brummell, The Relationist

Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Specialist, founder and creator of Feminine 1st and Love, Polarity & Passion
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