April 8th 2011…The Bounce and the Puffolphin…

Session Time: 60 minutes
Distance Covered: 3 miles

Total Time: 10 Hours 55 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 53.5 miles

So after the minor blip on our last party session I made a date with the bathroom BEFORE heading out for today’s run (for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about see here https://marathontrainingfun.wordpress.com/2011/04/14/april-6th-2011%E2%80%A6the-incident-and-the-swimming-pool/)

(See? I’m learning every step of the way 😉 )

Speaking of learning every step of the way, thanks go out to Warrior Princess for the fantastic link she sent me on Chi Running which I found really helpful: http://www.active.com/women/Articles/5-Elements-of-Chi-Running.htm?cmp=17-1-41. The ‘running tall’ aspect I have found works especially well for me – I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my running when I’m pulling up as I go…! 🙂 …mind you, at 5ft 10 I think I would struggle with ‘running short’ 🙂

Training buddy and I hit the streets and I felt the need for a little dance jog.

So I started bopping along during my first little jogging stint to one of my kicking party session tracks.


I realised that I was inadvertently doing the ADVANCED dance jog…without even realising it!

WOO HOO! Check me out!

Anyway…during today’s party session training buddy thought it was time to give me some more pointers on my running form and today was all about “The Bounce”.

No, this is nothing to do with the need for a more effective sports bra.

(Sidebar…the shock absorber bra is definitely the most fantastic feat of modern engineering known to man…couldn’t ask for more in a sports bra!)

So, back to the bounce.

Training buddy explained that I should try and bounce from foot to foot as I’m running as this would help to conserve energy and make the process a bit easier.

Bouncing from foot to foot…

…well there really is only one way to visualise that – imagining teeny tiny Tiggers on the bottom of my trainers of course!!

And as daft as this may sound, it really worked!!

The only downside of this new element of my running technique is that it does mean that I have the Tigger song (for those of you unfamiliar with the Tigger song, see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJFyz73MRcg&feature=related) running on loop in my head while I’m doing it…and while it doesn’t rank on the top most annoying songs (from the sources I have found) it does clash a bit with some of my party session tracks!!

So bounce I did.

…and for a VERY brief period of time I actually found it…that mysterious and elusive entity…I found my rhythm!

It only happened for a little stint about half way around today’s session, but I finally found that the running wasn’t a struggle, it wasn’t hard, if anything it was quite enjoyable.

It almost felt…dare I say it?…natural (something I never thought that I would say!)

So my teeny tiny Tiggers are the latest addition to my party session crew, enabling me to bounce my way through the 26.2 miles with a smile on my face and an annoying song in my head…woo hoo!

Party session complete. Happy Dance Danced.

But that wasn’t the end of training for today.

Training buddy and I decided that we would go for another session at the pool so headed down together this evening.

Having had two party sessions and two swimming sessions in three days meant that the legs were a little tired, so I didn’t manage as many laps as I did on Wednesday.

However, we had something FAR better than laps.

We had a new swimming exercise.


Yes, there was I lapping up and down the swimming pool with a great variety of strokes, front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke (I draw the line at the butterfly…it’s a bit beyond my amateur abilities!) when training buddy introduces me to the puffolphin.

It’s actually supposed to be the dolphin, but due to a nickname I acquired during a recent trip to Iceland (and a shop with windows emblazed with the slogan “You’re SUCH a puffin!”) it soon morphed into the Puffolphin (a far better term for it, I have to say).

The technique involves keeping your hands together, outstretched in front of you, keeping your feet together behind you and rippling your body up and down in order to propel (or in my case flip flop) your way through the water.

You’re supposed to look like a dolphin.

I looked more like a flailing beached whale…but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere I guess!

It is supposed to be good for improving lung capacity and core strength – and boy, does it work your abdominals!!

After a few laps it has to be said that I was totally knackered…but what a workout 🙂

And I’ve got another daft training technique to add to the list – awesome!

After such exertion it was only right to finish off with some hyrdotherapy, Jacuzzi action and a steam…

It’s hard work, but somebody’s got to do it… ;o)

Another slightly more relaxed step forward x

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