April 21st 2011….Speed of the puffolphin

Total Time: 12 Hours 21 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 62.4 miles

It has to be said that after yesterday’s mammoth run, the legs were a little achy this morning…but I was still buzzing from the experience.

There was a real sense of satisfaction to be able to say to people “I’ve done my first non-stop run”. Very pleased with myself.

So today to keep up the momentum it was time for training buddy and I to hit the swimming pool again and hope that the power stays on this time.

We got changed and hit the pool.

Time for another “state the bleeding obvious” realisation…

…today I was swimming much slower than I had been recently (mainly due to achy legs and a knowledge that tomorrow I’d be doing another run)…which brought to my attention that I COULD swim slower.

Much as when I start this whole running lark (and the realisation that I could actually run SLOWER hit me)..this was one of those “Doh!” moments.

Of course you can swim slower…I’d just been so focused on what I was doing that it hadn’t occurred to me that it was something I should be thinking about.

Again…I go back to the “state the bleeding obvious” – this is a marathon not a sprint…it’s OK to slow down!!

Must remember this for future sessions.

So I managed a few full puffolphin laps, along with some much slower breast stroke and crawling.

The other thing that happened today was that that when I slowed down I remembered how much of a water baby I am.

How much I LOVE being in the water, spladooshing and floating around.

There really is no feeling quite like it.

And I need to remember that I’m not doing ANY of this because I have to…I’m doing it because I want to.

So after 15-20 minutes of (significantly slower) laps we hit the hydrotherapy – which is fast becoming my saving grace…the muscles have been a little sore recently and pummelling them with warm blasting water is helping to keep them going!

We then spent a relaxing spell in the sauna before heading home…lovely.

Another (slightly slower) step closer x

About Claire Brummell, The Relationist

Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Specialist, founder and creator of Feminine 1st and Love, Polarity & Passion
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