April 22nd 2011….Just…keep…going…

Session Time: 32 minutes
Distance Covered: 2.8 miles

Total Time: 12 Hours 53 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 65.2 miles

So having set the bar on Wednesday (and still not quite believing it!), although I was looking forward to the run today, I was also a little apprehensive.

…I mean, what if I couldn’t do it again? What if it was just a fluke? What if the panting Labrador returned?

So many questions…

But questions aside I was determined to prove that it wasn’t a one-off and that I could really do this.

Training buddy was stuck with work again so it was down to me and Bubba to keep team party session going strong.

So we kitted up and hit the road.

The weather was beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous.

The sun was shining and as I headed out I noticed more birds than usual as I trotted along.


Now, being a bank holiday in the UK I headed out a little later than usual, having had a slightly more leisurely morning than I’m used to.

This seemed like a great idea…at the time…but the slight drawback was that the sun being up for that bit longer meant that it was much warmer than usual while I was jogging along.

I got a little insight into the experience that the marathon runners had last week in London – it was VERY warm…and that made it that little bit tougher than the last time around.

But hey, I was determined to do another continuous run…so run I did.

The first mile or so was fantastic!

Today I decided to try a new iphone app which tracks your training route as you’re doing it and shows exactly how far you run and how long it takes…the only downside being that I had not had the forethought to ensure that my party session playlist was loaded on my phone.


So instead I decided to go with my “Claire’s Upbeat” playlist – I figured it would do the job.

And boy did it!

About 5 minutes into my run Haddaway’s “Life” came on – a particularly meaningful song for me (you UPW-ers out there will know the score!) and that was it – I was flying.

I was beaming from ear to ear, waving my arms in the air as I was bouncing along!

I could not get the grin off my face. I was saying a friendly “Morning!” to everyone I met and completely confused a couple of elderly ladies who were watching me from the other side of the road when I waved to them as I bobbed along.

I felt great.

My legs were achy, sure.

My shoulders were a little sore, absolutely.

But I was enjoying myself!

Happy Claire!

With the new music playlist I even had some salsa music blasting as I ran (and although the dance jog doesn’t really have a latin feel, clapping the clave as you run to Los Van Van is the next best thing!)

Now, although I was enjoying the run, the further I went, the harder I was finding it.

I was only just over a mile in and my legs were really wobbly.

I’ll be honest, I was finding it a struggle to keep going…and I still had a way to go.

At this point I made a decision – today I was going to go for the slightly shorter of the two routes…but I was going to try and keep running all of the way.

..and at this point that still felt like a MAJOR challenge.

I turned the corner to head into the village and I saw another runner stopping and having a stretch.

On a whim, as I ran past (with my usual “Morning!”) I put my hand up for him to high five…and he did!!

This gave me a boost and really spurred me on…so I decided this would be my new “Fun Factor” – attempt to get as many high fives as possible out of other runners that I see on my route.

I love it.

With a smile my my face I rounded the corner to the next road and did my usual weaving in and out of the cars parked on the pavement…just to amuse myself a little more 🙂

I carried on going and just as I got to the next corner, I saw another runner coming my direction.

Another high five opportunity…I’m going in.

Although at first she seemed to wonder what on earth I was doing…SUCCESS!! Another high five!! Woo hoo!!

Another boost to my (at this point very tired) body…and I managed to keep going.

It was really hard today (although mentally I kept telling myself (and Bubba) that it was easy…and for short periods it did make it a little easier!)

About half way around the route I found my legs really really wobbly…and if I’m honest I felt a little nauseated…

…so I thought I’d try something.

When I got back from my first continuous run on Wednesday training buddy asked a question…”could they tell you were running or did you look like the $6 million man – running in slow motion?”…thanks for the vote of confidence training buddy!

But it did give me an idea…

I thought I try and slow right down and see if that made it easier for a bit.

…and for a while it worked (I could feel that the muscles being used most were different), but I soon had to return to my regular pattern.

Just keep going.

Said another couple of cheery “Mornings!”

Just keep going.

(I may create my own version of Dory’s just keep swimming song from finding Nemo specifically for this purpose…)

At this point I’m less than half a mile from today’s finish line.

And I am struggling big time.

In honesty, I didn’t think I could do it, I was ready to start walking.

When something rather amusing happened.

My ipod seemed to intuitively know what I was thinking.

Next thing I know “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is blaring in my ears.

OK. I get the hint.

Just keep going.

Now, at this point something else pops into my head. There something else which I’m planning on doing in the coming months (which I’m not going to share at this point in time – I’ll bring you guys in on it a little bit later) which popped into my head.

This new challenge is all about mental focus and mind over matter.

And a single thought came into my mind…

If you can’t keep going to the end of this run, then you’re not ready to do this other challenge yet (just keep going)… if you can get to the end, then that will be the sign that you’re ready to do it (just keep going)…

THAT was the motivation I needed to keep the little legs bobbing up and down.

So I kept going.

I scared the life out of some poor lady who was watering her garden (she obviously isn’t used to exhausted, pink-faced puffins jogging past and saying a cheery “Morning!”) – sorry!

I then past ANOTHER runner (they were out in force today!)…this was my moment…I was going for the hat trick…one last high five.

With another bemused look I got it – THREE High Fives!! YAY!

..and I was nearly back.

Just keep going.

Nearly there.

Just a little further.

Down the final hill.




My legs were like lead.

My face was the a beautiful shade of fuschia.

I felt very sick.

I was shaking all over.

But I made it.

…and I felt FANTASTIC for it.

It’s official, I have my new thing. I will be the high-fiving marathon trainer.

So if you see me, training or not, then give me a high five – every single one of them helped to keep me going today and every single one of them I get from this point forward will help to get me that little bit further.

Another (very satisfying) step closer x


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Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Specialist, founder and creator of Feminine 1st and Love, Polarity & Passion
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3 Responses to April 22nd 2011….Just…keep…going…

  1. You ROCK and LIFE will NEVER be the same, life is changing 🙂

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