May 2nd 2011…Triathlon training?!

Session Time 1: 55 minutes
Distance Covered: 3.93 miles

Session Time 2: 22 minutes
Distance Covered: 1.76 miles

Session Time 3: 14 minutes
Distance Covered: 1.21 miles

Total time for today: 91 minutes
Total distance for today: 6.9 miles

Total Time: 15 Hours 59 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 79.48 miles

The last few days I have been sensible and rested up.

After the knee and shin problems I then had some real strain across my shoulder blades so I thought it would be best to leave the training and my new strengthening equipment (don’t worry Rach, I’ve not forgotten that I said I’d give details of my new purchases – watch this space, I’m aiming to include them next time!)

Well today has been a very interesting day…

Training buddy was tied up with work so Bubba and I hit the road together. I decided that being another bank holiday Monday I’d make the most of the time I had and do a longer run than usual…and even combine it with a little swimming.

So I put all of my swimming gear and a water bottle in my backpack, put Tony on my ipod, got my Endomondo application ready (a fantastic new iPhone application that I’ve discovered which tracks your training sessions, your route, distance, time etc so you can see your session when you get back!) and off we set.

It has to be said….today’s run was not easy.

Running with a non-running backpack is a real challenge.

It was bouncing around all over the place…and I couldn’t get my arms back properly…and when I tried I smacked my elbow on my water bottle.

For periods I tried to hold the pack tight to my back with both arms (to stop it bouncing around like it was full of teeny tiny Tiggers!)…but that meant that the arms then couldn’t swing as they do naturally when I run.

So I then alternated holding the pack tight with one hand, and using the other arm…then swapping over.

I even tried running with it on my front.

Nothing really seemed to work.

But I persisted.

Wheezy Labrador was definitely back (Sunshine and spring makes for a pollen party in the Garden of England!)…and for some reason today it just wasn’t clicking quite right. I tried the tiny Tiggers, but today their springs were in need of a little WD40.

I managed about a mile before I had to have a walking break.

…ran a little more…(combined with a high five from a passing runner!)

…had another walking break.

Went for stockers hill again…”next step” was doing so well until I looked up and realised how far off I was…lead weights appeared in my feet…and I started to walk.

I kept going up to the top, and had another run right near the end.

But I’ll be honest.

I was really annoyed with myself.

I wasn’t at all happy with my performance so far.

My legs were wobbling, the wheezy Labrador was having a field day and I could not seem to get into the zone.

About a mile from the leisure suite I finally found a rhythm and had a good final stint to get me to my destination…but I felt like I could have done more.

I had a stretch and walked in, still disappointed that I’d not been able to keep the pace up as I had been.

But I wouldn’t let it affect my first puffolphin session in a little while.

I got changed and hit the pool…and I had the whole place to myself – lovely! 🙂

I started my laps…and unlike last time I decided that I would keep up the pace today…I hadn’t done as well as I’d wanted to with my run, so I was determined to make it up in the pool.

20-25 minutes of breast stroke, front crawl, back crawl and a few much more accomplished puffolphin laps and I was done (I’ve noticed that I’m able to push myself more in the pool than I am on the road – so making the most of it!)

I had a spell in the hydrotherapy (which for once was really painful across my back and shoulders), a bubble in the Jacuzzi and 10 minutes in the sauna.

When I hit the showers I realised that I’d made an error. Rather than grabbing the chlorine shampoo, I’d managed to pick up the conditioner. Oops.

So as I was unable to wash my hair properly, I had a spark of inspiration.

Although I had done well in the pool, I still didn’t feel that I’d got the most out of my run.

As I was now going to have to shower when I got home anyway…I made a decision.

I’d keep on running.

So I called home and told them that I wouldn’t need a lift back from the leisure suite…instead I would meet them at the supermarket in town.

This way I could do a little more running and still help with the shopping as planned.

So on I ran.

After the break it was difficult to get going again – my body had slipped full into “Finished now…where’s the sofa?!” mode…and it was almost a spatula level situation(!)

Luckily I managed to pick it up…and got into a relatively good rhythm.

(When I checked my workout stats when I got back I found my average speed was actually better on this run than my first one today! Yay!)

I made it to the supermarket in about 20 minutes…not bad, even if I do say myself.

So I met up with Mum and Dad, helped with the shopping and as we were in the queue, something occurred to me…

…I could send home my backpack with them…and have an uninhibited final stint…

…so I did.

Running without the backpack was great…and I made it back to the house in just over the same time that they did!! 14 minutes and I was done!!


I learned something today as well.

If you’re not happy with what you’ve done…just keep going…you never know what you might accomplish.

ALSO I was checking my distances when I got home…and I worked out something interesting.

A sprint triathlon is the following:
○ 750m Swim
○ 20km Bike Ride
○ 5km Run

An Olympic distance triathlon is the following:
○ 1500m Swim
○ 40km Bike Ride
○ 10km Run

My distances today were:
○ Swim…well, working on the basis that I probably do around 3 laps a minute and it’s a 15m pool, that means that I did between 900 and 1125m in the pool today
○ 11.1km Run

…maybe I should get the old bike out and give it a go…at this rate a triathlon is seeming doable!! Who thought that I would ever say that?!

I’ve run over a quarter of a marathon distance today….PLUS I have just passed the 3 marathon distance milestone on my total training to date!!

So for a day that started off not going quite so well…it turned out pretty damn good!

Happy Claire.

Happy Dance.

Another step closer x

About Claire Brummell

Founder and creator of The Universal Needs transformational methodology
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