May 6th 2011….Power walking to Fire walking: the next step…

Session Time: 38 minutes
Distance Covered: 3.32 miles

Total Time: 17 Hours 25 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 86.12 miles

So having established after my last training session that walking is, in fact, a form of exercise (when done properly!) I decided to implement this into my regular training.

As my usual ‘walking stints’ are done at a significantly slower pace, I decided today that I would be either running or power walking so that I would be constantly working at least one set of muscles and keeping my heart rate up.

Unfortunately training buddy was still held hostage at his desk ( 😦 ), so Bubba and I jumped out of bed and hit the streets ( 🙂 ).

I was still feeling the burn from earlier in the week, and it was a bit of a mission to get going today, but with Tony blasting in my ears and my beaming MCGC (Morning / Colgate Grin Combo) at the ready, I was raring to go.

I was determined that today I was going to run for the vast majority of my session with a couple of short power walk stints in between.

The beginning of today’s session was a little tough…my legs were incredibly stiff and achy, and I didn’t think I would go far before having to relent and switch to the power walk.

Until about three quarters of a mile in, when something great happened.

I saw the little old lady with the Scottie dog from Wednesday’s session coming the other way…still looking relatively down in the mouth.

But today was slightly different.

She noticed me coming quite a way before I passed her.

As I bobbed passed and greeted her with my very best MCGC…my beaming ” Morning!” was met with a lovely smile and a little nod of the head in return.


I was beaming!! 😀

It gave me the extra little buzz that I needed to keep going.

I thought I would only make a mile before needing to switch to a power walk…but I hit the mile marker and powered on!

I continued on and manage to startle a poor guy I encountered by bounding up along the road behind him and sending a cheery “Good Morning!” his way as I passed him…oops! (Sorry!!)

I got to the farthest point from home and as I rounded the corner decided to switch to a power walk…just in time to do my usual weaving in and out of the parked cars (I do wonder what the residents of this road think of me…ah well, hopefully it makes them smile! 🙂 )

The power walking lasted less than half a mile before I was back up and running and powering on.

A few more friendly MCGCs later and I was well over half way.

I reached my usual fork in the road, and today there was no question – it was the long route all the way today!

Another short power walk later (and a quick pat on the nose to say hello the horses on the way) I was bounding along on the final stretch.

I found that the longer I ran for, the easier it became. By this point, I had my rhythm, I was relaxed, comfortable and enjoying the run.

A few corners from home I passed my favourite lollipop man, Stuart and collected my morning high five to get me back home!!

I reached the finish line, feeling great and did a happy dance on our front step.

(Sidebar – Shout out to the lady in one of the houses opposite who watched me jumping and celebrating like a crazy person when I got back from her living room window – hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!! 🙂 )

Today I thought I would share with you the mystery of my “Just…Keep…Going…” Blog Post.

I mentioned in it that there was something that I was planning on doing in the coming months which was all about focus and mind over matter.

…and that I told myself that if I could get to the end of that run without stopping that I was ready to do it.

As I kept going all the way back, the decision was made.

I went home and put things in motion…and confirmed last week that in July I will be doing a firewalker instructor training course! 😀

It is a three day course over which I will learn how to run fire walks, glass walks, board breaking, brick breaking, arrow breaking (with your throat), steel bar bending (with your throat), breath work and low rope courses.

…and I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Since this marathon training lark is as much about mental strength as it is about the physical, it seemed like a good fit…and I would love to be able to give other people the AMAZING experience that I had when I did my first fire walk (especially as the only one I’ve done in the UK was nowhere near as good in terms of the experience).

So, the marathon is only one of the big goals that I have set myself for the coming months…which means that there will be even more exciting things to report back on and share with you along the way!! *Happy Dance!* 😀

Exciting times…

Anther step closer x

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