May 10th 2011….the puffolphin and the mermaid…

Session Time: 0 minutes
Distance Covered: 0 miles

Total Time: 17 Hours 25 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 86.12 miles

Having missed yesterday’s training session due to a slight oversight in the equipment purchase, I felt that today I needed to make up for it…so after finishing work I headed to the pool for some puffolphin action!

I got to the pool a little later than usual this evening, and to my surprise (and delight!) when I first arrived I had the place to myself – fantastic! 😀

I started doing my laps and worked out that I do somewhere between 3 and 3.5 laps a minute…handy for working out the rough distance I’m covering.

As I’d missed the session yesterday I was determined to push myself a little harder today – I was going to do 30 minutes of solid laps before my stint in the hydrotherapy and sauna.

I have to say, that the laps where I switched to puffolphin, I could really notice the difference…when I reached the end of the lap, I was significantly more out of breath than when doing other strokes (the panting labrador was threatening to reappear…but he only does the doggy paddle so I was ok 😉 ).

I also noticed that I seem to have actually honed my puffolphin skills somewhat – the near-drowning mouthfuls of water are becoming a rarity now, and the movement is definitely feeling more fluid.

More importantly, I’m actually managing to keep moving (if only a little bit!) when taking breath. Up to now I have had a little problem with the puffolphin, in that when I’ve come up for breath for some reason my arms and legs have completely ceased to operate….which leads to a real lack of forward momentum. This has tended to result in my flip flopping forward for a bit…taking a breath and simultaneously sinking a bit…then having to try and get myself going the time I’ve got myself going again it’s time to take a breath again…and so the whole process repeats until I finally get to the other end. It’s no wonder I’ve been shattered after only a lap!!

(I really hope that your mental image of this does the reality justice…because by now you should be having a good laugh at the visual image!! 😀 )

Hopefully the breakthrough today means this cycle is a thing of the past…although it will make trips to the pool a little less amusing for my fellow swimmers I’m sure!

So, laps complete I had swum between 1350 and 1575m (approximately) – not bad even if I do say so myself! 😀

…and during my stint in the sauna afterwards, while discussing my recent NLP studies with a fellow swimmer (who arrived part way through my session) she commented “Oh you’re the mermaid, aren’t you?!”

Erm…the what?

She went on to say, “You’re the one who was doing all those laps up and down the pool…very impressive!”

So even with my flip flopping puffolphin action I’m managing to pull off “mermaid lookalike”…

…Daryl Hannah eat your heart out.

Another step closer x

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Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Specialist, founder and creator of Feminine 1st and Love, Polarity & Passion
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