May 11th 2011….Human Connection, Part 2…

Session Time: 38 minutes
Distance Covered: 3.36 miles

Total Time: 18 Hours 03 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 89.48 miles

So I’ve decided that I want to make a little more out of my mornings – I’ve worked out that if I get up a little earlier than I can fit in even more fab stuff before I start work – Yay! 😀

My big plan is going to be implemented from Monday the 16th, but I thought I would start moving things in the right direction this morning.

So I headed out a little earlier than usual today.

Training buddy was unwell so it was Bubba and I again pounding the pavements of Kent – woo hoo! 🙂

Today I decided to switch back to the party session playlist for my run and so off we bounced (tiny tiggers in tow) to some rocking tunes.

It has to be said that my puffolphin session last night must have been very effective, because my legs were very tired today and a little painful. I was determined that when I was running I was going to push myself a little more than I have been to date – trying to lengthen my stride and get my little leggies to go a little further, a little faster.

I did find it a struggle though, and even with the awesome playlist I had I was having a challenge keeping my focus up and powering on like I usually do.

I noticed about half way around my normal little route that I hadn’t seen half as many people as I usually do.

Less call for the MCGC (Morning / Colgate Grin Combo).

Less happy responses.


But on I ran.

I did my usual weaving in and out of cars, I did some truly magnificent dance jog moves, I broke for power walks and then cranked it up for another running spurt.

I passed the horses – on the other side of the field today and trotted on to the home stretch…the serious lack of people had reduce the boing in my bounce today and as I rounded the corner I reassured myself that I would at least get my morning high five with Stuart the friendly lollipop man.

…except as I rounded the corner I saw that I was too early.

No Stuart the lollipop man.

No friendly high five (well, I actually did it anyway as I ran past his usual spot…but it really is less fun with just the one person! 😉 )

I made it home and did my happy dance on the front door step as usual…but it had been a real struggle to keep going today (even with my ‘next step’ and ‘too easy’ chants).

I saw a grand total of 3 people on my run today (on an average day usually I would say it’s between 20-25)…and not even the horses came over to say hello.

I realised just how important the people that I’m interacting with on my morning runs are to me – and how much they help with my motivation and momentum.

Obviously with my involvement in the TEDxCalicoCanyon event on The Human Connection the concept has been at the front of my mind…but I didn’t realise just how much of an affect it could have on a simple training session!

So, my new early morning plan may not make the sessions as easy…but at least training buddy will be with me so I can get a high five anytime and I’ll have someone to respond to my hugs, dance jogs and general party session craziness… 😀

…and I can always shuffle my morning around so I can see Stuart the friendly lollipop man from time to time when I need a boost!

Otherwise I may have to resort to knocking on doors to get my morning party session connections going…and at that time in the AM, it’s unlikely the MCGC will get such a friendly response! 😉

Another step closer x

About Claire Brummell

Founder and creator of The Universal Needs transformational methodology
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2 Responses to May 11th 2011….Human Connection, Part 2…

  1. Hugs, High Fives, with Fire under our Feet! YES! YES! YES! Lets keep going!

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