May 18th 2011….The Downs and Ups of Training…

Session Time: 42 minutes
Distance Covered: 3.15 miles

Total Time: 19 Hours 28 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 95.92 miles

Well today was a very interesting party session, it had it’s downs, it had it’s ups, it had some downright wobbly bits.

I was feeling good when I got up and so I decided that I would try and pick up the pace a bit when we first headed out.

So training buddy and I hit the streets and the pace was MUCH faster than usual. My average speed is normally anywhere between 11 and 14 minute miles…today we set off at a rate of around 8.5 minute miles.

I’ll be very honest.

Everything was hurting, but I thought I would power on.

…when about 4-5 minutes in someone pulled the plug.

The panting Labrador was back with full force, everything hurt, and my legs didn’t want to play anymore.

I was not impressed.

This was only a few minutes in!!

So, I walked for a tiny bit and then tried again…

…another few minutes on I was reduced to walking again.

Definitely not impressed.

Incredibly frustrated, after another tiny walk, the fire exploded in my belly and I flew forward at full pelt….and I mean full pelt (in the region of 6 minute miles – this felt like the lolloping equivalent of the 6 million dollar man to me!!).

I was running as fast as I could…

…which obviously didn’t last long either.

Reduced for walking for a third time I was really fed up.

Major pouting was in full effect (Pete Burns had nothing on me!), I was welling up and the panting Labrador was wondering what had hit him. 😦

Training buddy to the rescue!!

He reminded me that we had started off today at a pace the likes of which my body had never seen before…even he was feeling out of breath and he used to be a regular runner.

Hmmm…maybe I was being a little too hard on myself.

So, mental smack on the forehead and gentle kick in the butt in full force, I chilled out and headed on. 🙂

…and just at the right point in time we passed a field with a horse and new baby foal in it…who ran alongside us as we went by.

That was enough to put a real smile on my face (…and a bit of Lady Gaga on the iPod didn’t hurt!) 🙂

So we got a good running stint in, including making it up the hill in one go (yay!) and headed over to the rec.

When I noticed that training buddy had stopped and was pointing behind me.

I looked back and saw my old friend Jon (take old any way you want to 😉 ) other wise known as Obi-Jon-Kenobi…one of my main sources of running tips and advice on this little journey!!

I’m not sure which one of us was more surprised…Jon lives in Berkshire so it not someone I expect to see pounding the pavements of Kent of a morning, and as he has been trying to talk me into taking up running for over 10 years, although he’s been following the blog, I think the sight of me and training buddy out for an early morning party session was still something of a shock to the system! (although it was nothing compared to the sight of his knees before a hearty breakfast…! 😉 )

After a very brief catch up on life and Jon’s wifey and new baby girl (Hi Mel and Georgie!) we were back on our way again.

We had a steady pace all the way back…and a good couple of happy dances on our return home.

My mindset check from training buddy and the randomness of bumping into an old friend reminded me very much to just relax and enjoy the ride.

There are going to be good days, and there are going to be less than great days, but I’m not doing this because I have to, I’m doing this because I can.

Most importantly…I need to remember to give myself a bit of a break and just have fun!! 😀

Another step closer x

About Claire Brummell, The Relationist

Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Specialist, founder and creator of Feminine 1st and Love, Polarity & Passion
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