May 23rd 2011…Mojo, where art thou?

Session Time: 40 minutes
Distance Covered: 2.44 miles

Total Time: 20 Hours 08 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 98.36 miles

Having not been well on Friday, although I wasn’t feeling 100% this morning, I was determined to get out and get back on the horse (so to speak).

Well, I think that the horse option would have been a lot easier.

Today was a major struggle.

Training buddy and I got out and hit the streets…but today it felt like they were hitting back.

We ran for a while, but breathing was wheezy, so we slowed to a walk.

Then picked up the pace a bit more…then dropped to a walk again.

For some reason I just couldn’t find my groove…my running mojo appeared to have got up and run away.

So, determined not to be beaten, I locked my eyes dead ahead and went for it.

I was on the straight that I really enjoy…powering through…

…when PING!

Er…Houston, we have a problem.

That PING was the sound of my phenomenal running bra giving up the ghost and snapping.

Even my bra’s mojo had vanished!

Now, having tried this running thing sans-ultra scaffolding before I was well aware that this was not something that I wished to revisit.

This was the final straw…and the clue that today it probably wasn’t going to happen.

So training buddy and I decided to make the most of the morning and enjoy a leisurely walk back home together (something my bra could cope with at least!)

So if anyone sees my mojo loitering around anywhere…would you please mark it return to sender and pop it in the nearest post box.

Thanks muchly.

Another step closer x

P.S. For anyone concerned about the quality of my sports bra having only appeared to last a measly 4 months you can be assured that the problem was not in the bra…but in the user…I’d managed to put together the bra incorrectly resulting in minor supportive malfunction as opposed to a complete surrender.

A couple of minutes and a little jiggery pokery and it was all fixed and ready for action again.
Phew! 🙂

About Claire Brummell, The Relationist

Internationally Acclaimed Relationship Specialist, founder and creator of Feminine 1st and Love, Polarity & Passion
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2 Responses to May 23rd 2011…Mojo, where art thou?

  1. cathieheart says:

    I’m back and caught up a bit on your blog. I LOVE your language in the way you write .. it is literally the best of how you actually speak in person 😀
    jiggery pokery .. *does a snort giggle*

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