June 20th 2011…The Lightening bolt of inspiration…

Session Time: 33 minutes
Distance Covered: 2.81 miles

Total Time: 21 Hours 58 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 106.84 miles

Monday morning.

New week.

New motivation.

After a day of drinking bubbles on Thursday of last week with my lovely friend Melanie at Royal Ascot’s ladies day, come Friday morning a party session was not seeming like the best of ideas.

So I took the decision to enjoy the weekend and get back out this morning.

Unfortunately training buddy seemed to have finally fallen foul of the food poisoning that I’d experienced in wee hours of Sunday morning (and no, it wasn’t as a consequence of Thursday’s bubbles!) so it was down to Bubba and I to party on in his absence.

We started off slowly today with a power walk to get our muscles moving before picking up the pace about 5 minutes in.

This morning was one of those odd mornings, it was raining…but not really raining…it was more like I was being followed along by someone with one of those spray bottles – which while running is actually quite refreshing! 🙂

Today was a very mixed party session day.

There was a little bit of running, a little bit of walking…a lot of boogie moves and a lot of smiles.

I saw several people in order to break out the MCGC (morning colgate grin combo…oh how I’ve missed you!) which spurred me on at every point. 😀

I was enjoying the morning so much that I nearly forgot to do my car weaving manoeuvres half way around…but remembered just in time to get the last couple in.

All in all it was a good morning’s party session, but as I was on my final half mile something occurred to me.

The thing that makes the most difference to me when I’m out and running is to think about the fact that I don’t have to run…I get to run.

I often spare a thought for people who would maybe love to get up and run, just to the end of the road…but for some reason can’t.

Lately I’ve been forgetting to do this…and my motivation had taken a bit of a downward turn.

And then it hit me.

The lightening bolt.

(No, not a real one…that would have been a bit too dramatic for my Monday morning!)

I know that I would find this whole process a lot easier, more rewarding, and probably more fun if I stopped just doing it for me, and started doing it for those who can’t as well.

So I’m going to start dedicating my training sessions to other people who would like to be able to run, but for whatever reason can’t.

They might be they people who can’t because they are no longer here, or those who have something preventing them from being able to enjoy the experience of an early morning jog.

Today, the first person who came to mind was this incredible young man, Brenden Foster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33ASQhDvfGs&feature=BFa&list=FLNRIGw1t5j1s&index=60

…and my last little stint home was that much more enjoyable knowing that as much as I was doing it for me….I was doing it for him.

You should all know by now how much the concept of the human connection means to me and my training…so I figure by increasing this human connection even more during my party sessions and running not just for me but for someone else to whom it would mean a great deal, it will mean that my motivation will be at a peak and my enjoyment of it will be amplified infinitely. 😀

So to do this properly, I’m going to ask you guys for your help.

If you know or know of someone who you would like me to dedicate one of my training sessions to (or even better someone who you know would like to have one done on their behalf) then please send me their details. Tell me their story. Send me a picture if you like (being a very visual girl, this will work wonders – I can have them join my virtual party session crew!)

I figure, my legs have done pretty well for me so far…so why not lend them out and get them doing some good for other people out there?

So it’s over to you now.

Who will my next training session be for?

Another step closer x

See the full run I’ve done for Brenden Here —————> 😀

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3 Responses to June 20th 2011…The Lightening bolt of inspiration…

  1. christina says:

    5:30am Pacific Standard Time…was considering NOT doing my West Coast party session this morning…then I read your latest post. *THANK YOU* for taking the hitch out of my giddy-up, Lolloping Princess!!! Your ability to INSPIRE is in a league of its own. MUAH!!!
    -the caliente warrior de California 😉

    • A comment like this from the queen of inspiration herself?! You humble me warrior princess! So wonderful to hear that my little bolt of inspiration has wound its way over to the gorgeous California coast and is doing it’s thang over there too!

      Love you!! MUAH! Xx 😀

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