July 11th 2011…While in recovery…(a run for Joy)

Those of you who read the guest blog written by training buddy will know that I’ve spent the last week in recovery having been trampled at an unfortunately incident during an event the weekend before last.

Unfortunately although I am healing it’s very slow progress and as such I haven’t been able to do any training in the last week, and it’s looking like this week will be much the same….I have too many exciting things coming up to risk doing myself even more of an injury!

So thanks to everyone who has sent me good wishes, get well soons, love and hugs from around the globe…I really appreciate them and feel very lucky to have such a wonderful network of caring people around me.

Luckily I have a couple of blog posts stored up from before the incident for me to share with you until I’m up and running again….

June 28th 2011…A run for Joy…(and Blue)…

Session Time: 42 minutes
Distance Covered: 3.34 miles

Total Time: 24 Hours 07 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 116.7 miles

Unfortunately yesterday my alarm didn’t go off meaning that I woke up a little too late for my morning party session…no sweat (literally)..I just postponed it to today.

So the inspiration for today’s run came from my chance meeting with Joy and Blue on Friday’s run.

For those of you who missed Friday’s update – here’s a quick recap:

I saw an elderly lady walking her dog along…having thrown her a winning MCGC (Morning! Colgate grin combo) and stopped to pet her dog briefly she said to me (half joking I think) “would you like to run with him?”

Well…people should know better than to joke about things like that around me…and I’m sure that Nick would have grabbed the opportunity with both of his borrowed hands.

So we did.

The next thing Blue (the dog) and I were running full pelt down the road…with a quick round turn…and then straight back to a beaming Joy (the lady in question).

“Well that certainly woke you up!” she joked to her panting pup, before looking at me and commenting “I wish that I could run like that”.


I wish I could run like that.

Well Joy…you’re in luck…you happen to have expressed this wish to the fairy godmother of running experiences.


Today’s run is for you.

I began my stretches with a very grateful smile and headed outside to the beautiful morning that awaited me.

It was warm and bright…and I was in the mood for a party.

As we began power walking up the road I imagined Blue bounding along beside us.

Now not knowing a lot about Joy…I had to have a bit of a think about how she would make the most of this experience.

For some reason I had it in my head that she would be a ‘gardens’ person…not really sure why, but it just felt right..so I went with it. 🙂

So as we bobbed along we made a point of appreciating the gorgeous gardens along the way.

Well…I’m ashamed to admit how many times I have passed some of these horticultural works of art on my morning party sessions and not even noticed them.

Some of them are absolutely exquisite, full of gorgeous flowers in a rainbow of colours.

Luckily Joy and Blue changed all that.

We picked up the pace about 5 minutes in and began running.

The light breeze on my face, imagining Blue bouncing along next to us (I think he may have had teeny tiny tiggers on his paws), it was lovely.

It was a gorgeous morning and we enjoyed each and every single garden along our path.

Now as you know, I would normally be one to bop, jiggle and wiggle my way along on a morning party session…but I had the feeling that Joy may have been a little more reserved, so today I toned it down a bit and just enjoyed the moment.

HOWEVER…it has to be said that when we rounded the corner up to the village (where there was nobody around) it occurred to me that a little (more reserved than usual) boogie might be in order.

Guessing that Joy was probably around 70ish, I worked out that she was probably at optimum bopping age in the 60s…which gave me the inspiration for a little hand-jive as we power walked along… 😀

As we jogged along I stopped and smelled even more roses as we went…I have (through scientific experimentation) determined that the red ones seem to have the most incredible and powerful aroma, followed closely by the pinks…with the whites bringing up the rear…further experimentation will be conducted to verify these findings… 😉

We wished everyone we saw a friendly MCGC (Morning! Colgate Grin Combo) and everyone we saw was happy to respond in kind.

Heading down another stretch of road which didn’t have as many cars along we snuck in another little hand jive as we enjoyed the view of the morning over the fields.

This was the part of the run where I had previously met Joy and Blue for the first time, so it seemed only appropriate to have a sprint in honour of our first meeting, so we picked up the pace and ran with blue the little circuit we had completed on Friday morning – complete with the loop around and back to the point where Joy had been.

Sidebar: I do think that the guy who was walking along the road a little bit behind me might have thought that I’d lost my marbles when he saw me running up and back along the same bit of road…but hey…at least he probably had a laugh about it!! 🙂

I had the feeling that Joy would have rather just watched and appreciated the horses, rather than feed them, so we just watched them graze as we ran past enjoying the gorgeous morning, the blue sky and the sun that was trying to peek through the clouds.

With a few more MCGCs and smelling of several more rose bushes (the current results are still holding true) we were on the final stretch…and for Joy I made sure I ran the whole way.

Well Joy, I hope I’ve done you proud…you said to me that you wished that you could run like that…well today, as part of my virtual party session team, you did.

…and once again I’ve found that by having someone else along for the party session ride that the experience again was unique, eye-opening and beautifully enjoyable.

So thanks to both of you for joining me for the ride…

…who’s next?

Another step closer x

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