September 14th 2011…A Run for my dear friend Dorte…

Session Time: 40 minutes
Distance Covered: 2.99 miles

Total Time: 26 Hours 57 minutes
Total Distance Covered: 128.88 miles

Today was a very special day for me.

Today was the first day that I got to lend my legs to someone who I know personally. Someone who’s kind and loving spirit never ceases to inspire me. Someone who I consider a dear friend.

As I bounced out of bed (the Tiggers obviously knew who I was running for today!) I had a great big grin on my face. Today I was running for my friend Dorte…and I couldn’t have been more excited about it.

The lovely Dorte

The lovely Dorte

The lovely Dorte is an inspiration. Amazing mother to a son who is battling health problems, in the last few months has been battling several health issues of her own (following a cycling accident among other things) and a wonderful friend. The main issue at the moment has been her breathing, and when she told me about the problems she had been having I instantly offered to do a run for her (her breathing problems would put my Labrador panting to shame! 🙂 )

When I asked her what I could do to make the run specifically ‘Dorte’s’ she told me “I normally listen to music with a fast beat or a powerful message – and I like to throw a fist in the air when I do well on my bike ride or just because I feel like it – because it makes me feel extremely happy and satisfied to do a good workout. I love music – I love to dance. Both things make me happy. I love nature – so I soak up everything that I see. I love the sun and I love the rain”


Training buddy had to work this morning so Bubba and I pulled on our training gear, set the iPod to “Awesome” and started our stretching.

The beauty of doing this run for someone I know is that I was able to imagine Dorte with us every step of the way..the two of us laughing and giggling as we went. It was wonderful!
So with “Jai Ho” blasting in our ears we set out for our warm up power walk with beaming smiles on our faces and a spring in our step!

It was an absolutely beautiful morning…the sun was shining, the sky was blue and as I appreciated all of the beautiful flowers and trees in the gardens that I passed (stopping briefly to smell an array of different coloured roses!) I was brimming with gratitude and genuine happiness.

One of the things that Dorte had asked me to do for her on this morning’s run was to appreciate the nature all around me as she is a big nature lover and likes to make the most of it when she’s out and about.

Well, in the spirit of Dorte’s appreciation of nature I managed to get nature to play a very active role in this morning’s run…

…as there was a distinct lack of people around this morning (for some reason) and therefore a distinct lack of opportunities for motivational high fives, I decided that I would take the natural approach…

…whenever I ran or powerwalked under overhanging branches I (gently so as not to cause any damage) used them to give me an organic High Five! It was fantastic! I’ve never had so many morning high fives before…this is definitely going to be implemented in my normal running routine!

So, morning high fives well in hand, I came across a rather amusing sight (yes another one!)

A guy who had obviously driven his dog to the area to take him for a morning walk was trying to..erm…encourage him to get back in the car…without much success. He was stood there with the car boot open, gesturing inside….the black Labrador (well it had to be really didn’t it?) just stood there on the pavement looking blankly back at him as if to say “Er…yes…and??”

After several rounds of nudging said dog a little closer to the car and receiving a further blank look in response (and many giggles from me), the pup finally relented and bounded into the boot 🙂

So we rounded the corner of the pub and broke into the first run of the day with the brilliant “Feel the Beat” ringing in our ears. As Dorte is another full fledged fan of the teeny tiny Tigger club, they were in full force right from the outset. As we jogged along the road all I could hear in my head was “boing, boing, boing, boing!” It was briliiant! 😀

We had a brief moment of Labrador-esque panting (I was obviously inspired by my friend from earlier) and a minor coughing fit…but knowing how Dorte has been suffering lately with her breathing I quickly shook it off and powered on through, finishing my first running stint with a Dorte inspired punch in the air! 🙂

It was time for another power walk…but I decided to boost the fun factor with a good dose of bum wiggling, boogying and ‘punch the air’ dance moves as I went. I was having a blast bopping down the road to my tunes when something happened which made my day.

In a van coming down the road the guy in the passenger seat (obviously inspired by my dance moves) decided to join in and started doing a punch the air dance as well…grinning at me as he did it.


We rounded the corner into the village, stepping it back up to a run again (pausing briefly to smell the most fragrant pink rose) and smiling at the view of the sun across the fields as we went.

Our usual airplane moves while weaving in and out of the parked cars completed we were determined to keep the running up to the end of the road. It was tough. My legs did NOT want to play. But it was for Dorte. It was not optional 😉 A very big celebratory punch in the air was required when we reached our goal!

Our next power walk stint was hilarious. Many more dance moves, of course, but as “Jump” blasted onto the iPod I had visions of being surrounded by bouncing Tiggers as we went…and of Dorte and I laughing all the way down the road together…it was so much fun!!

Bouncing Tiggers!

Bouncing Tiggers!

(Though I will admit that I got a couple of curious looks as i went!) 😉

As Gaga’s “Just dance” burst into life we burst back into a run.

We passed a guy on the other side of the road who looked genuinely fed up as he plodded along (presumably towards work)…but he was no match for the Morning! Colgate Grin Combo…and ended up beaming and laughing back at me…woo hoo! 😀

I noticed at this point that we were actually running towards the moon (which was clearly visible this morning) and as I powered on through to the end of the road (complaints from my legs being completely ignored) I had only one thought in my head “Shoot for the Moon and if you miss you’ll land among the stars”…beautiful.

And at that point the Bruno Mars song “Just the way you are” otherwise known as “Amazing” came on…this one was most definitely for you Dorte.

As I smiled at the lyrics I looked up and noticed just how HUGE some of the trees I pass every day are…and I’d never noticed before. (Thank you Dorte 😉 )

We passed the horses and rounded the corner ready for our final running stint of the day…and today the whole crew were there in force – Tony, Joe, Warrior Princess, Training Buddy, Sam, Tiggers…the whole enchilada…with me and Dorte leading the charge.

It was exhilierating.

I was exhausted but absolutely bursting with energy at the same time.

We ran all the way back to the house and with Dorte’s celebratory punch in the air we started the happy dance.

Actually…today it wasn’t so much a happy dance as a virtual dance party (to Party Rock Anthem) on our front lawn…in full view of the neighbours (they must be loving me!)

As the lyrics burst into my ears “Party rockers in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time, and we’re gonna make you lose your mind, everybody just have a good time”…that’s exactly what we did…we bopped, we boogied, we happy danced our little bums off! It was just fantastic!

I started my morning with a boost of energy like nothing else…and you couldn’t get the grin off my face!!

So thank you SO much Dorte for being the most fabulous inspiration for this morning’s run…it was an absolute blast! I hope that you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed running it…it was an honour to lend my legs to you for the morning my lovely!

Another (very bouncy) step forward! x

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2 Responses to September 14th 2011…A Run for my dear friend Dorte…

  1. You are SUCH an amazing friend and I can´t make a heart BIG enough for you. THANK YOU so much for this run. I enjoyed and loved every bit of it. I was with you in spirit every minute of the run. I am such a rich person for knowing you and for being able to call you my friend. I love you from here to the moon …… and back. ♥♥♥

    • Dorte – you were such an amazing inspiration for this run…it was an absolute pleasure to be able to do something for such a dear friend. Sending so much love and hugs back to you my lovely – get an organic high five for me next time you walk past some overhanging branches 😉 Xx ♥ ♥ BOING!! 😀

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